Day 29, 210 Miles: Eckville, PA

It’s been a while since my last post, in a way the time flew by, but also there were plenty of days I wanted to make a post but had no cell reception.

I want to put down in writing what we’ve done so far, it’ll be a morale boost for myself and a good update for those reading.

  • We hiked 210 miles in 29 days, including 6 zero days and a few nearo days. That puts us about 10% of the way through the whole hike.
  • I’ve lost 10 pounds and a couple inches from my waist.
  • We each got trail names. I’m Magneto, and Christian is known as GQ.

I wish I had more to list, but it was still an eventful first month on the trail.

Last week we made a good friend on the trail. We met Sunshine, another Flip Flopper, at Clark’s Ferry. We were all excited to meet more Flip Floppers, we can all relate a bit more than the other thru-hikers. We stuck together all the way to Port Clinton, and the Flip Flop Crew had some adventures in those few days. Like when we hitched 2 miles from a trail head just to get Wendy’s. Or cowboy camped at an overlook, right into a 19 mile day. We went our separate ways for now, but the Flip Flop Crew will only grow. #FFC #YOHYOHO

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of staying in Lititz, PA with my girlfriend Alexis’s parents. Alexis was able to fly up to visit too. It was great seeing all of them, and having a weekend off the trail is just what we needed. I felt like I was able to recover physically, and the mental break was welcome. I had the chance to download Pokémon Go as well, and now I am finally on my way to becoming the Pokémon master I always wanted to be.

Thank you again Mark and Toni! 

I also enjoyed day hiking Windsor Furnace with Alexis and her dad. Alexis has mixed emotions about how much fun hiking the AT is, so I’ll let this picture sum it up.

Of course it is always worth the heat and the rocks for the nice view at the top.

Shout out to Alexis to having never set foot on the trail to doing an 8 mile hike on one of the biggest climbs in PA. She did it!

Since the weekend, GQ and I went back through Windsor Furnace with packs on and saw The Pinnacle again on a clear day, and had a really nice day on the trail as well.

The remaining 60 miles of Pennsylvania is supposed to be the hardest part of PA and one of the most difficult sections of the whole trail. Oh boy.

One thought on “Day 29, 210 Miles: Eckville, PA

  1. Yo I am never doing that hike again. That was MISERABLE. And I still feel awful for being so damn slow.

    Thanks for my shout out. I’m glad you guys got to see The Pinnacle on a clear day without me slowing y’all down! Looks like you’re still enjoying PA despite rocks and rattlers. Love you.

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