Day 4, 32 Miles: Maryland


Just a quick update, I know I haven’t posted since we actually started, but I have just been so wiped out each evening. After we’re done walking we still have to set up camp, cook, clean, hang bags. It’s not much, but after walking all day and then chores I’ve been quick to fall asleep.

So today we’re finished with 4 days in, we haven’t covered too many miles, compared to other hikers, but we’re still warming up and making an effort not to push ourselves too far and into injuries. Tomorrow we should be crossing the Mason-Dixon line into Pennsylvania, I’m excited to have one entire state crossed off already.

Today we hiked by the Annapolis Rocks, a beautiful and open view, with many hikers doing different treks stopping by to take pictures. I managed to make a quick 3D photosphere, you should be able to look at it through this link.