Hello, from Harpers Ferry


Today was a long day of travel, it feels almost lame complaining that I’m tired when staying in a hostel with a handful of thru-hikers that woke up at the same time and hiked 20 miles today. But, I’ll admit I’m exhausted.

Saying goodbye to my home and Alexis was tough this morning, and the bumpy flight into DC didn’t help at all. Walking through DC was cool, and a neat warm up walk with our full packs on. It was a little bit “been there, done that” for both me and Christian, but we only had time to hang around the National Mall on our way to Union Station. From there we caught the afternoon commuter train that runs through Harpers Ferry. My favorite part was when the poor guy sitting next to us moved rows as soon as a seat opened up. I felt a bit bad for him, we only hiked maybe 2.5 miles in the cloudy DC summer heat and we already smelled like hikers.

Harpers Ferry is beautiful. We were dropped right into the middle of a town that is the most opposite thing from Florida I’ve ever seen. Small town, hills, a mountain overlooking everything. It’s a very cool feel here.

Christian and I enjoyed getting some pizza with the other hikers staying here for the night, for many of them this marks the halfway point of their adventure. We’ve been soaking up all the advice we could get all night, and also listening to their awesome/hilarious/scary stories they had to tell. It’s getting me excited to get going.

Tomorrow we will start on the trail, after picking up some food and checking out the ATC headquarters. We’ll take an easy 8 mile day to keep warming up, heading to a shelter on the trail. I think it’ll be an uphill day, literally.